Adapted strategy enables the Company to compete with the best foundries in the highly developed countries and to ensure high work efficieny.

The basic tools for implementation of that strategy are:

  • implementation of the long-term investment programme aiming at complete automation of technological processes,
  • implementation of new technologies,
  • use of modern equipment for monitoring and measurements, to monitor technological processes,
  • implementation of pro-quality operations based on provisions of PN-EN ISO 9001: 2001 ,
  • implementation of pro-environmental operations based on provisions of PN-EN ISO 14001:2005,
  • implementation of environmentally-friendly techniques and technologies,
  • designing casts together with our customers,
  • IT-based management system
  • employing highly-qualified personnel of foundrymen, technicians and economists
  • continuous training of our personnel, enabling our employees to develop their qualifications as a part of their professional improvement.

This strategy ensures continuous technical, technological and human resources development at the company, as well as meeting expectations and requirements of our current and future customers, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market in Poland and abroad.