The construction of the foundry  Odlewnia Żeliwa Lisie Kąty begun in 1989r. , but 16 th of January 1990 the Company’s status has changed. The Foundry was transformed into a private partnership, adapting a name of Odlewnia Żeliwa „ LISIE KĄTY” Spółka Cywilna ("Lisie Kąty" Foundry Private Partnership).
Our first line GEORG-FISCHER flaskless molding line was launched in 1996. And in 2001  first flask moulding line from HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO HWS. In the following years more line devices were launched and also new-generation line - DISA 230 C.

Since then the foundry is growing up. Currently we have 3 DISAMATIC green sand vertical moulding lines made by DISA Industries and many of necessary accompanying devices. The dynamic development of the plant is still ongoing, company growing implement of production processes and introducing into a production new, more advanced technologically groups of casting.

Odlewnia Żeliwa Lisie Kąty