We offer the production of iron castings weighting from 0,3 kg up to 100 kg core and coreless molded in moist bentonite masses(green sand) on modern automatic molding lines in medium and high volume quantities. Currently, we produce about 40,000 tonnes of castings from the following types of iron:

  • Grey iron EN–GJL–150 wg PN–EN 1561: 2000 (GG 15 wg DIN 1691),
  • Grey iron EN–GJL–200 wg PN–EN 1561: 2000 (GG 20 wg DIN 1691),
  • Grey iron EN–GJL–250 wg PN–EN 1561: 2000 (GG 25 wg DIN 1691),
  • Spheroidal iron EN–GJS–500–7 wg PN–EN 1563 : 2000 (GGG 50 wg DIN 1693),
  • Spheroidal iron EN–GJS–400–15 wg PN–EN 1563 : 2000 (GGG 50 wg DIN 1693).

We help customers with the preparation of production:

  • design of foundry equipment according to the cast drawing or part drawing,
  • complete tooling and its individual components,
  • adaptation of entrusted equipment,
  • ordering the execution of individual components of tooling in cooperating pattern shops with supervision over their correct execution,
  • assembly of the tooling components provided by the customer.

At the request of our customers, we also provide painted and machined castings. We carry out machining in cooperating plants under our supervision, as well as in our own machining department on EMAG VL5 and VL8 machines.

We are a foundry focused directly on customer needs. We produce a very wide and diverse main range in the following industries: