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About us

The Lisie Kąty Foundry has over twenty years of experience in production of iron casts.

Company presentation

We specialise in corporate production of grey and spheroidal iron casts of weight ranging from 0.5kg to 150kg in the medium and high volumes.

From the very beginning of our operations we have focused on a continuous development. The investments implemented so far and those currently in progress result in continuous improvement of quality of our products, an increase in productivity, as well as an improvement in working conditions.

Experienced and well-educated management and technical staff (over 85% of our personnel are employees with university education) ensures quick reaction to changes resulting from demand and requirements of our customers, as well as allows us to cope with the most demanding challenges.

Successive investments and highly-qualified technical and economic personnel make our Company one of the leading Polish foundries in terms of its technical equipment, product quality, and production capacity and volume.

Having in mind a general trend focusing on achieving high quality, as well as a need to protect the environment, we implemented the Integrated Management System confirmed with the TÜV Rheinland Certificate and meeting requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005. The most important events in the Company history 1989 r. – purchase of land and start of the Foundry construction

January 16, 1990 r. – the Company is registered in the register of entrepreneurs

March 1, 1990 r. – business operations are initiated

January 1, 1996 r. – the Company’s status is changed. The Foundry was transformed into a private partnership, adapting a name of Odlewnia Żeliwa „ LISIE KĄTY” Spółka Cywilna ("Lisie Kąty" Foundry Private Partnership)

1996 r. – start-up of a flaskless moulding line from GEORG – FISCHER

2001 r. – start-up of a flask moulding line from HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO HWS

February 28, 2002 r. – the Foundry’s status changes to General Partnership

2002 r. - start-up of a fully automated green sand processing station equipped with the RV 24 EIRICH mixer

2003 r. - start-up of a moulding line DISA 230 C (first in Poland new-generation DISA line)

2005 r. – start-up of a DISA dedusting system for the foundry

February 2006 r. – start-up of a dry dedusting system for the cupola, Neotechnik GmbH

2006 / 2007 r. – start-up of two crucible induction furnaces FS 20 and of an automated pouring machine OCC50.2

January 2007 r. – commissioning of a hall in a finished product warehouse and a treatment plant, together with an overhead rail shot blast machine AGTOS HT-17-17-3.6-3-15

June 2007 r. – replacement of all wet dedusters with dry ones is completed

September 2007 r. - start-up of a profile grinding CNC machine for casts, KOYAMA 400 (first profile grinding CNC machine for casts in Poland)

September 2008 r. – construction of a core shop room and a finished product warehouse begins

February 2009 r. - start-up of a milling centre HAAS VM-3HE in the model shop

December 2009 r. – start-up of an intensive tumble machine AGTOS MR-850-4.6-2-30

January 2010 r. - start-up of a line for casts knocking-out and cooling

September 2010 r. - start-up of three new CNC automated machines for cast profile grinding from KOYAMA (2 x KOYAMA 400-S and KOYAMA 500-TT-S with a turn table for polishing of heavier casts)

October 2010 r. - start-up of a new tumble machine, AGTOS MR-850-4.6-2-30

June 2011 r. - signing of a supply contract for a green sand moulding line DISA 280-C, with mould dimensions of 1200 x 1050 x 250-675 mm. This will be the largest vertical line in the world.

And the robust development of the company continues. The company expands its area, implements new production process technologies and new, more technologically advanced groups of casts.

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